National Trust apps

The National Trust’s iOS, Android & Windows apps

Discover days out at over 550 special places. Historic houses and gardens, archaeological sites and monuments, coastlines and countryside.

I worked with DigitasLBi on the design of The National Trusts’ new iOS, Android & Windows apps; guides to great days out at all our special places. I was involved in visual & interaction design across all 3 platforms. I joined Creative Director Helen Fuchs and Design Director Ricky Burgess at the end of the discovery phase, working collaboratively to move the iconic brand in to the digital space.

Find special places

See what’s around you, or search for remarkable heritage and natural wonders across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

One of the primary challenges for the new app, was how do we enable members to easily discover National Trust places? Whether it’s searching for a location nearby or to remember special places from the past. We designed a clean and intuitive interface which highlights the beauty of each property.  


See what's on

National Trust places host a range of events throughout the year at their properties.

We wanted to make it a simple, yet delightful experience for dicovering what’s happening around you – from educational talks and tours, to art, theatre and live music. We took nods from the traditional National Trust brand so that members old and new would feel a sense of nostalgia when using the new apps. 

Save your favourite places

Keep a record of the places you’ve been to, and make a wishlist for the places you want to go.

National Trust properties are filled with memories. Both memories of the past, and memories that you create when you visit them. The new apps allow you to easily record places you’ve been and plan for the future.

An app for everyone

The National Trust has a huge outreach and diverse demographic.

We had to design for a huge demographic, ensuring that the app was simple yet intuitive. The onboarding experience was designed to quickly get users going, with no fluff. 

Creative Director
Helen Fuchs

UX Director
Greig Robinson

Design Director
Ricky Burgess

Alan Chu

Senior Designer
Tommy Toner

UX Architects
John Roche