Nick Music

Branding the all new Nickelodeon Music channel; Nick Music

Whilst at creative agency B-Reel London, we collaborated with Viacom Media Networks to rebrand MTV Hits into NickMusic, a 24-hours music video network and content platform for kids.

In September 2016 Nickelodeon launched the worlds first ever music channel dedicated entirely to kids. Our challenge was to produce the entire new TV channel identity from the ground up. Ariana Grande riding a block of cheese across the galaxy. Justin Bieber riding a unicorn whilst firing laser beams out of his eyes. The cast of School of Rock as a 'school of rocks'. It was a lot of fun.

The B-Reel London team designed and animated all the content, from the custom typeface, branded filler content, artist ID's and animated idents. I was part of the pitch-winning team and continued to work on the new brand right through to channel launch. My main role involved designing the style frames ready for the lead motion designers to animate.

The end result is 'fun, fresh and a little bit mad'.

Creative Director
Davor Krvavac

Senior Art Director
Caspar Williamson

Senior designer
Tommy Toner

Motion designer
Maxwell Flood

Sam Hall

Head of strategy
Jeroen Matser

Motion designer
Alex Harrison

Motion designer
Chris Davis